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Yoshiki Channel Broadcast - YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X SPECIAL: Secret Meeting with NTV Team

On this special edition of YOSHIKI CHANNEL, an online meeting between YOSHIKI in LA and NTV's audition project team will be revealed. This is an extremely rare opportunity for viewers to witness internal meetings with producers. YOSHIKI's big project to challenge the world is finally in motion. Watch to see how the story will unfold from here!Watch Live on YOSHIKI CHANNEL
Thu, Mar 31, 7:00pm JST

YOSHIKI and Hikaru

YOSHIKI's first conversation with YouTuber HIKARU broadcast for free on Yoshiki Channel

Rock star YOSHIKI and Japanese YouTuber Hikaru launched a special collaborative project to share their first recorded conversation on YouTube. The entertaining and intense discussion between two personalities at the top of their fields is presented in 2 parts.
Part 1 on HIKARU's Channel
Part 2 on YOSHIKI's Channel (free to all viewers)

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(In Japanese)

Numero TOKYO EXTRA / ICON YOSHIKI" (All pages YOSHIKI) out now!