For the first time in history, YOSHIKI performed on vocals for a special version of ”Angel”, X Japan’s new Single.

YOSHIKI made a last minute return to Japan to perform on NTV’s music program "THE MUSIC DAY" on Saturday, July 1st.

YOSHIKI performed a special version of “Angel”, X Japan’s first single in eight years, to be released July 28. Watching YOSHIKI singing for the first time created a storm of emotions in the hearts of the viewers.

He ended the performance with his new song “Requiem”, dedicated to his late mother.

After the performance, YOSHIKI said tearfully, “As long as we are alive, we want to express love through music for the ones we lost. I want to deliver that to you.”

In addition, XY, the boy band produced by YOSHIKI, performed “Crazy Love” joined by YOSHIKI as DJ.

On YOSHIKI CHANNEL that same evening, YOSHIKI clarified that the official version of "Angel" will be released with vocals from members of X Japan.

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