YOSHIKI's appearance on "THE DANCE DAY" finale makes the show a television ratings winner, dominating the evening's competition.

YOSHIKI participated as a special judge in the finale of "THE DANCE DAY", the number-one dance-off competition on Japanese television, bringing the program to its all-time highest rating of 12.2% and dominating the ratings. 

Although YOSHIKI had canceled his live appearance on TV the previous day due to health concerns, he commented on social media that he would appear on the three-hour live program even if he had to crawl there. Although he had not recovered fully, he made his first public appearance for the first time since his mother's death. 

A total of 16 dance teams appeared on the program. YOSHIKI, who appeared accompanied by the scouts of "YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X", the audition program that he had launched with NTV, commended the effort of each team after their performance, giving comments that moved even viewers' hearts. 

YOSHIKI awarded a full score of 100 points to Team Kyushu Danji Fabulous Sisters, the second team to perform, and was moved to tears by the overwhelming performance of the "K fam", who appeared at the end of the program. After that, he regained his composure and conversed with the other judges in English, surprising the MC and adding even more excitement to the program. 

Regarding KUROKO, who won the tournament, YOSHIKI commented,"I think that in entertainment, and this is the same with music, creating trends is really important. I think this truly has an element that can create a trend in this era of social media. I think a full score of 100 points is not enough." 

Lastly, appearing on stage as a presenter, YOSHIKI commented, "Everyone was truly brilliant. There are people with such incredible talent that I feel awed to be here as a judge, and I really felt encouraged by everyone. I think they can encourage everyone in Japan. I am truly grateful. Thank you." 

To mark the Grand Finale, the winner of "THE DANCE DAY" was given one year's supply of "Real Gold X/Y", the new energy drink created through the business partnership with YOSHIKI and CocaCola Japan. 

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