What Is the Secret Hidden in the Song by YOSHIKI?
Video Released for New Song.
Coca-Cola x YOSHIKI release energy drinks "Real Gold X / Y"

"Real Gold X" and "Real Gold Y, the new energy drinks that came about through a business partnership between Coca-Cola Japan and YOSHIKI, launched across Japan today, Monday, May 16th. To go with this launch, a song that YOSHIKI wrote was also released on the same day, attracting a lot of attention.

This song was released through the latest videos that were published on the official YouTube channels of Coca-Cola Japan and YOSHIKI with the title "Real Gold X/Y YOSHIKI New Energy Drink".

On Tuesday, the 10th, the Real Gold X Version, which features YOSHIKI playing the drums, and the Real Gold Y Version, which similarly features YOSHIKI playing the piano, were released separately. Surprisingly, combining the X and Y versions actually results in the formation of a single new XY version of the song.

Comment by YOSHIKI

"If I may say so myself, I wrote the score of this song to have a very complex composition. This song actually has more secrets that are yet to be revealed. Please stay tuned for that."

The latest videos reveal further development, as there is now a 60-second version to go with the 15- and 30-second versions.

"YOSHIKI YouTube Channel"

[Real Gold] X / Y YOSHIKI "NEW Energy 15 seconds: XY union!" REAL GOLD X / Y

[Real Gold] X / Y YOSHIKI "NEW Energy 30 seconds: XY union!" REAL GOLD X / Y

[Real Gold] X / Y YOSHIKI "NEW Energy 60 Seconds: XY Combined!" REAL GOLD X / Y

[Real Gold] X YOSHIKI "NEW Energy 15 Seconds" REAL GOLD X (released May 10)

[Real Gold] Y YOSHIKI "NEW Energy 15 Seconds" REAL GOLD Y (released May 10)

"Coca-Cola Official YouTube Channel" [Real Gold] X / Y YOSHIKI "NEW Energy 60 Seconds" REAL GOLD X / Y

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