YOSHIKI x Yoichi Ochiai Discussion on 17LIVE April 15!

The live streaming of "Minna no Ongaku with YOSHIKI", a special talk show held to discuss "music's contributions to SDGs and a more sustainable society", has now been confirmed.  

"Minna no Ongaku with YOSHIKI" will be live streamed using the live streaming application 17LIVE (One Seven Live) at 21:30 on April 15 (Friday). The show is planned to consist of a special live discussion between YOSHIKI, a global advisor for 17LIVE's social activity project, and Yoichi Ochiai, a media artist.  

"Minna no Ongaku with YOSHIKI" is a sequel to the special program "Minna no 17LIVE" with a focus on SDGs released September 26 of last year by 17LIVE.  

Via the live streaming platform, listeners can learn more about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and various projects in which music, something that enriches people's lives daily, can contribute to a sustainable society in the future. 

YOSHIKI (Global Advisor) Comment:
This is my first time meeting you, though I've often heard things you've said even when outside Japan. It's wonderful to hear from someone looking to the future: SDGs, blockchain, AI. I think you're the type of person that's very important for Japan at this time in history where we stand at a sort of crossroad. I'm really looking forward to speaking with you directly on17LIVE's live stream on this occasion. 

Yoichi Ochiai (Guest) Comment:
I've been looking forward to this too, especially since I've been listening to X JAPAN songs since junior high school. I live every day thinking that everything that happens in time and space is a sort of music but human beings are like broken radios, so I'd really like to talk to you about how musicality goes far beyond just the ears and pushes into issues of sustainability and how to better bring things with and without mass into harmony with one another.

A special free "YOSHIKI Appears!" gift is also available exclusively on the day of streaming on 17LIVE. Anyone who watches "Minna no Ongaku with YOSHIKI" for more than one minute will be eligible, with 17LIVE donating to the American non-profit organization 501(c)(3) YOSHIKI FOUNDATION AMERICA based on the number of gifts given during the program.  

"Minna no Ongaku with YOSHIKI"
Streaming Date: April 15, 2022 (Friday) 21:30-22:30
Streaming Account: Minna no Ongaku with YOSHIKI
URL: https://17appv2.onelink.me/D7OH/glqavv34
Performers: YOSHIKI (Global Advisor), Yoichi Ochiai (Guest), Joe Yokomizo (MC), Yuuki Mihara (MC), Ryuji Suzuki Martin, Tsuyoshi Miura sign 18, Yuna uuna (online streamer)  

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