Watch the rebroadcast of YOSHIKI on NHK's "SWITCH Interview" on  Saturday, January 22nd, 12am JST

Yoshiki Sunset

YOSHIKI appears on an episode of NHK's "Switch Interview Masters," broadcast on January 15, 2022, for an exclusive conversation with top-level fashion photographer Leslie Kee.

As two artists at the top of their craft, they discuss several themes, including their views on life during the coronavirus crisis and their hopes for the future.

The first half of the interview features behind-the-scenes video of YOSHIKI's new photo book and his candid thoughts about his work style, how music saved his life, and his reasons for making L.A. his base.

He touches on the emotional experiences of the deaths of his father and his band members. "The wounds in my heart do not heal. If that is the case, I thought of using my flowing blood to write melodies and lyrics. I face the world, covered in blood. I will forever be stained deep red."

YOSHIKI reveals that he bears wounds that cannot heal even now. When Leslie Kee asks him about his vision of the future, YOSHIKI replies, "While I am alive, if I can open up a path for the next artists even a little, my life will have been worthwhile."

He also declares his personal mission, "As a Japanese artist, I want to break down the walls of the world. I will power up even more and push my way forward."

In the second half of the conversation, YOSHIKI interviews Leslie Kee. Using the power of his camera, Leslie Kee has overcome hardships in his personal life. Leslie Kee confesses his thoughts behind his photographs, which express beauty and strength.

In this program, YOSHIKI and Leslie Kee speak frankly about their innermost feelings and personal points of view. After the program's initial broadcast, YOSHIKI was trending on social media with emotional comments from viewers about the show and the moving words of both artists.

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