A boy group audition to discover the strongest line-up of superstars to conquer Japan, then the rest of the world.



The response has been overwhelming! On some days, we've received over a thousand applications!
In response to calls for a "deadline extension," we're adding an additional call for applications!
Groups (with multiple applicants) can now also apply!

Two groups will be debuting - a dance/vocal group and a band. The training team will include a large group of world-class specialists in each genre!

It has been decided that additional applications for "YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X," an audition in which YOSHIKI will be the producer and create a boy group that will compete on the world stage, will be accepted starting at noon on Monday, April 11. This year's applications will also allow for multiple applicants per band or group, something we've received many inquiries about. 

During an online meeting between YOSHIKI in LA and the NTV audition staff on a "YOSHIKI CHANNEL" broadcast, which was streamed live on March 31, it was revealed that around 1,000 applications have poured in on some days, and the agency has received many inquiries saying, "The application period is short," or "What kind of video should I take?" As a result, YOSHIKI brought up the idea of an additional application period. The details of this additional application period were revealed today. 

During the show, YOSHIKI also revealed what kind of group he plans to create from the audition - "I think there will be two groups debuting. A dance and vocal group and a band. Naturally, things may change in the future when I see the applicants and meet them in person. In that sense, the audition is a collaboration between me and the applicants," he declared. He also referred to a specific plan for the group's debut, saying, "At this stage, I'm assuming that the group will debut somewhere between New Year and Spring.  I want to make sure the group gives a proper debut performance." 

In addition, regarding the group's training for their debut, YOSHIKI said, "I'm reaching out to specialists working around the world in each genre, such as fashion experts and vocal trainers." YOSHIKI, who has lived in Hollywood for many years and has a wide network of people worldwide in all kinds of genres, is planning to get the best possible team together. 

YOSHIKI, who has apparently watched some of the performances sent in by people who've applied so far, said "I think I'll set some proper time aside to watch all the applicants perform with a Japanese hachimaki headband wrapped around my head (laughs)." He also shared a surprising anecdote about something he experienced in LA, where an audition applicant happened to be on the staff of a restaurant he visited on a private visit. 

The company is already working on a schedule to actually meet with applicants during the audition selection process, and while his selection criteria will be determined "with the cooperation of specialists in each genre". Yoshiki explained, "I am both an artist and a producer. I've also performed in a wide range of genres, from rock to classical. For example, I might notice things that other great producers don't notice, and a rock musician may have a different perspective on dance and vocal group than a professional dancer would. I'm confident that I have a good eye for these things."

YOSHIKI has always been a pioneer in "disrupting concepts that are the current norm," taking on new challenges, and creating new eras. He may know true talent when he sees it, but how will he act with applicants, what criteria will he base his selection on, and what kind of boy group will the audition process create? There is no doubt that this reality show will be different from many other auditions to find new talent.  

With the strongest line-up possible, the group will conquer Japan, then the rest of the world. Footage from the boy group audition "YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X", produced by YOSHIKI, in which future superstars will be discovered, will be broadcast from time to time on Sukkiri and Gyoretsu no Dekiru Soudansho (on NTV channels), and will also be available to stream on Hulu in the future.

Check the official website for details of additional applications, which begin at noon on April 11 (Mon). 

Comment by YOSHIKI: I would like to thank all of you who have already submitted your applications. There have been a lot of great performances. I've taken auditions myself, and it's a tough world where you're forced to compete.You have to be mentally strong, and there will be many hardships in the process. However, life constantly forces us to make choices, and the miracles of every moment are connected to one another. You can always give up and have it easier, but instead, we choose this life and carry on down this path - I'm one of those people who does that. I'm looking forward to meeting those kinds of people at this audition too. As the word "superstar" in the title suggests, I would like to work with my staff to send out superstars to the world. Make sure you apply, even if you're unsure whether you're good enough! I am also excited to find out what kind of people I'll get the chance to meet.  

Audition Information: 
Boy Group Primary Applications Began: March 1 Ended:March 31
Additional Boy Group Applications: April 11 (Mon) 12pm to May 20 (Fri)11:59pm

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