YOSHIKI makes surprise visit to Lawson and FamilyMart for new Coca-Cola partnership "Real Gold X/Y" energy drinks

YOSHIKI made a sudden visit to popular convenience stores Lawson and FamilyMart in Tokyo to experience the display of "Real Gold X/Y" energy drinks, the hot new product from his business partnership with Coca-Cola Japan.

On May 20, YOSHIKI made the unannounced appearance to the surprise of the store staff. When YOSHIKI presented his Yoshiki Rakuten Card with his own face on it to pay for the drinks, he was met by amazed comments from the cashiers.  On social media, fans from around the world left comments hoping for the chance to purchase the exciting new drinks in their own countries:

"I would faint if I met YOSHIKI at a convenience store ...!"
"Will the energy drink also be available in Germany?"
"I hope they bring it to Singapore, I must buy it!"
"I want them in Italy too."
"Make it available for Indonesia, please."
"I hope you can buy the product in Taiwan too!"

YOSHIKI posted the videos of his encounters on his YouTube channel, and shared more behind-the-scenes details on the
May 22 Yoshiki Channel broadcast.

Official Website: https://c.cocacola.co.jp/real_xy/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealGold_XY