Yoshiki Channel Broadcast - Coca-Cola x YOSHIKI will announce their big project

YOSHIKI and Coca-Cola Japan will hold a press conference on Tuesday, May 10th, to announce the full details of a major project they have been working on.

On the same day at 8pm JST, Coca-Cola Japan will hold an online streaming event "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE NIGHT" to further explore the products announced at the press conference. Special guests will appear at the event to talk with YOSHIKI.

The second part of the program starting at 9pm JST on YOSHIKI CHANNEL, will have YOSHIKI make a solo appearance and hold a live Q&A session!

8:00pm JST - Coca-Cola x YOSHIKI “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE NIGHT” (free to watch)  
YouTube Channel Membership (Worldwide)  
Japanese: https://youtu.be/zuQuOx5UX_o  
English Voice Over: https://youtu.be/olCDS9C15So

9:00pm JST – YOSHIKI Solo Appearance: Live Q & A (members only/free to watch in part) 
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Japanese: https://youtu.be/Zve3dEsE_b4  
English Voice Over: https://youtu.be/ZNqPie4OO1A

The livestream may be temporarily interrupted or canceled due to local network conditions.Pt. 1 of the program is open to all and free to watch. For Pt.2, only YOSHIKI CHANNEL members can watch the entire show. In order to watch the livestream, please sign up for YOSHIKI CHANNEL.