YOSHIKI Speaks His Thoughts of HEATH with Tears in Live Birthday Broadcast
"Even if I cry now, nothing will move forward. I want to give him a rock send-off."

On November 20, YOSHIKI spoke on his current state of mind on YOSHIKI CHANNEL, broadcast on his Niconico channel (Japan) as well as for his YouTube channel members (worldwide including Japan).

In his first solo interview after the news of X JAPAN's bassist HEATH's death, YOSHIKI spoke about his emotions towards HEATH in this program.

While YOSHIKI struggled with words, saying he didn't know what to talk about, he said this about how he found out about HEATH's passing: "Just like when HIDE and my mother passed, I was upset and don't remember it clearly, but my manager contacted me right when I finished a concert at Carnegie Hall in New York, and I hurriedly canceled an awards ceremony in San Francisco and rushed to Japan. First of all, I called PATA. When I went to Japan to see HEATH, he said, 'I want to leave everything to YOSHIKI, the leader,' and his family said they wanted to send him off cheerfully. Even if I collapse right now and cry, nothing will move forward. If that's the case, then as the leader, I'll continue as I normally do, even though it's difficult."

He then put his feelings towards HEATH in words, with tears on his face. "I heard that HEATH wanted to choose the photo of him that would be used for his funeral. Up until the end, the fact that he spent his last moments as HEATH is so much of a shock that I haven't processed it yet, and probably won't be able to process it in the future. HEATH probably left this world as the HEATH he was on stage. In that case, I want to give him a rock send-off."

He also referred to HEATH's flower-offering ceremony to be held on November 28 and the memorial concert, saying, "I think the flower ceremony will be separate from the memorial concert. The concert will be next spring or summer at the earliest. I think that I have to do it, but I don't know how much I'll be able to answer fans' doubts. If it was just me, I'd throw myself into doing anything, but there are various circumstances involved. Almost every day I get various inquiries not just from the fans but from staff as well. I'm sorting things out and it's extremely tough right now, but after I get past this year, somehow or another, I'd like to think deeply about it then."

Taking HEATH's wish to be sent off cheerfully to heart, the staff arranged a birthday surprise for YOSHIKI in the latter half of the program. The program staff's present of a giant birthday cake was decorated with cookies shaped like handprint and footprint impressions to celebrate YOSHIKI's achievement in September of this year at the TCL Chinese Theater (Los Angeles, USA).  YOSHIKI also seemed happy.
YOSHIKI, who took a selfie with the giant birthday cake, joked before blowing out the candles that he'd wish for everyone to follow him on Instagram, but before blowing out the candles, he showed a serious expression and wished from his heart for everyone who has come in contact with him to be healthy and happy.

Additionally, to wish YOSHIKI a happy birthday, celebrities from both Japan and abroad like Klaus Meine (Scorpions) and Travis Payne (choreographer for Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT), Hiroyuki ("2channel" founder/businessman), DAIGO (BREAKERZ/singer-songwriter), Kazuaki Kiriya (film director), Akihiro Namba (Hi-STANDARD, NAMBA69/artist), Kotaro Koizumi (actor/star), Beverly (singer-songwriter), Takeru (kickboxer), Harami-chan (pianist/YouTuber), Hikaru (YouTuber/singer/businessman), Yuko Yamaguchi (third Hello Kitty designer), Pekopa (comedy duo), Kiyoharu (musician), Miku Kobato (BAND-MAID), and XY (boy band produced by YOSHIKI) sent congratulatory messages, livening up the program greatly.

At the end of the program, YOSHIKI performed "Rusty Nail" and "Tears" on piano, the last songs he performed together with HEATH. YOSHIKI's beautiful performance was broadcast to 125 countries and aroused deep emotions.

Next week on November 28, HEATH's free-to-attend Farewell & Flower Offering Ceremony, whose expenses will be paid by YOSHIKI, will be held at Tokyo/Spotify O-EAST.

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