YOSHIKI Under The Sky" Theatrical Release in Japan

“YOSHIKI Under the Sky” — directed by YOSHIKI — will be shown in movie theaters across Japan on Friday September 8th (worldwide release coming soon)

Yoshiki Under The Sky

YOSHIKI collaborates with world-class artists such as: HYDE, SUGIZO, SixTONES, The Chainsmokers, St. Vincent, Nicole Scherzinger, Jane Zhang, Lindsey Stirling, Scorpions, Sarah Brightman, and more.

YOSHIKI produced and collaborated with artists from various countries such as the United States, Europe, China, and Japan with songs he arranged himself. Yoshiki Under the Sky will be released ahead of the world in Japan on Friday September 8th.  This project started with YOSHIKI's message to the whole world that we can overcome any difficulties, even in a time of global crisis.

Based in Los Angeles, YOSHIKI has composed theme songs for the Golden Globe Awards, Hollywood movies, and has performed at three major music venues in the world: Madison Square Garden (US), Carnegie Hall (US), and Wembley Arena (England).

This October he will be the first Japanese musician to headline these three historic venues: the Royal Albert Hall (UK), Dolby Theater (US), and CarnegieHall (US).

The tour will feature many remarkable guest artists. This project was launched in an unprecedented difficult situation where artists around the world could not carry out their music activities and interact with fans as they wished.

The trajectory of hardships and thoughts of the artists captured in the powerful live footage will surely show the "power of music" to those who see it. 

A teaser video has been released that shows parts of the collaboration performances between YOSHIKI and the guest artists. The key visual for the film comes from a scene where YOSHIKI is playing the piano UNDER THE SKY.


YOSHIKI Official Site: https://www.yoshiki.net/
YOSHIKI YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/yoshikiofficial
YOSHIKI Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoshikiofficial/