Evening/Breakfast with YOSHIKI 2022 in Tokyo
Notice and Request for Attendees

At the request of the Japanese Government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, this show will be held in accordance with guidelines and thorough measures to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. In order to protect your safety and ensure that you can enjoy the show at ease, please read the following instructions/precautions before the show. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to prevent infection. 


GRAND HYATT TOKYO is committed to the highest standards of infection prevention. We are making efforts to keep high standards of hygiene at all times to prevent the spread of infection based on the "Global Care & Clean" hygiene measures. We have obtained GBAC STAR™ certification, which shows that our facilities meet international hygiene standards in infection prevention measures.


The venue at the Grand Hyatt will be ventilated to the maximum extent possible. The venue is 100% ventilated with outside air. As acrylic panels on the tables may cause air stagnation, we do not install them.

■The staff members wear masks (or face shields and gloves) when they serve.

■Please wear a mask at all times except during dinner, and please make sure that your mouth and nose are fully covered.

■Please eat in silence during meals.

We check your temperature at the hotel entrance and the admission desk in front of the escalator in the lobby on the 1st floor.  You also may have a chance to use hand sanitizer at the same place. Please wash your hands frequently to prevent infection.

■Please keep social distance from others in the lobby, in line and entering and exiting the venue.

■Please refrain from talking loud with others when you enter/exit the venue as well as when seated in the venue. '

Please do not wait for performers when they enter/exit the venue.

Please do not come to the venue unless you have a ticket.

■It will take more time to enter the venue than past performances, so please arrive on time.

■Please watch the show from your designated seat and do not move to a different area to see the show. Also, please refrain from moving from your seat except to use the restroom or in case you feel sick.

■No cheering, singing, or shouting is allowed during the performance. You may applaud or clap your hands, but please try not to produce airborne droplets during the performance. We will ask you to leave the venue if you do not cooperate.

■YOSHIKI will not parade through the audience seats as he has done in past years. Also, you are not allowed to hand gifts during the curtain call after the show.

■Gifts for YOSHIKI will be taken at the Gift Reception Desk on the 3rd floor. The staff will be responsible for handing over the gift to YOSHIKI himself.

Admission to the merchandise area may be restricted depending on how busy they are.

■The elevators in the hotel are limited up to 4 persons per elevator.

■Please keep social distance after the show.

■If you test positive for Covid-19 after attending the show, please contact us via the email address listed at the bottom of this page.     


Please note that we will disclose information of visitors who have registered at the ticket agency and test positive for Covid-19 to the venue and the public health center of the government.      

In accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, please refrain from visiting the hotel if:

You have a fever more than 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, you are not allowed to enter the hotel.

■You have symptoms such as cough, lethargy, runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting, or cannot taste or smell anything.

■You have tested positive for Covid-19 and are currently instructed by a physician to stay home.

■ You were in close contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 within 10 days prior to the performance date.  


■The organizer will send souvenirs from the show day to the ticket holder at a later date.

■Ticket holders can view the live streaming of the show. (Due to the rights, some of the footage may not be shown and details will be given only to those who are eligible.) 

Performances may be subject to change in the future due to guidance from the government. Please note that tickets are non-refundable with the exception of cancellation or postponement of performances.