Produced by YOSHIKI - 4-octave girl group "Bi-ray" performs "Butterfly" on Nippon TV's "THE MUSIC DAY"

On July 6th, the four-member group "Bi-ray" made a dazzling debut on Nippon TV's "THE MUSIC DAY," performing "Butterfly - short ver -." Despite not yet officially debuting, they created a significant buzz.

The four members - Cocomi, Emi, Michelle, and Hinata - have all competed in Nippon TV's "Utaou Championship." YOSHIKI, who served as a special judge on the show, praised these young divas, stating they are "ready to take off from Japan to the world." This powerhouse group, with vocals like Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande, was formed as "Bi-ray."

The YOSHIKI-produced song "Butterfly," with its entirely English lyrics, fully showcased their vocal abilities, leaving a strong impression on many viewers. The song, like its title, is beautiful, elegant, and delicate, while also possessing the strength to soar high and the flexibility to endure, making it a complex and highly challenging piece.

YOSHIKI commented, "While recording, I felt once again that everyone's vocal power is truly unique. I believe all of them can spread their wings globally as vocalists."

Despite being just a three-minute broadcast, Bi-ray's performance left a lasting impression with the song's brilliance, their unique presence, and their exceptional vocal abilities. With their official debut coming this fall, all eyes are on them. Anticipation is also building for the full version of "Butterfly," which is expected to be even more dramatic.

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