YOSHIKI CHANNEL - Visual Kei Roundtable 2022

The highly popular event, “Visual Kei Roundtable,” will be livestreamed on YOSHIKI CHANNEL on Sunday, June 26.

YOSHIKI and guests will appear live for the roundtable discussion, with the first part (free to watch) starting at 9pm JST, and the second part (members only) starting at 9:45pm JST.

Special guests include J of LUNA SEA and TERU of GLAY* (*appears only in pt.1),
Ryutaro Arimura(Plastic Tree),seek (Psycho le Cému), Aki (SID), Hiroto (ALICE NINE.), Hazuki (lynch.), Dancho (NoGoD), UMI (vistlip), SORA (DEZERT), GEORGE (LADIESROOM), and more. YOSHIKI is expected to return to Japan to join! What will YOSHIKI talk about with his friends leading the Visual Kei scene?!

Sunday, June 26th schedule:

Visual Kei Roundtable Vol.4 2022
9:00pm – Part 1 (free to watch)
9:45pm – Part 2 (members only)

YouTube Membership (worldwide)

Part 1 (free to watch)
Japanese: https://youtu.be/F8nXECed5xE
English voice over: https://youtu.be/abAAuDBCER0

Part 2 (members only)
Japanese: https://youtu.be/M8pWnmW_wMs
English voice over: https://youtu.be/f8ilNnNRPas

The livestream may be temporarily interrupted or cancelled due to local network conditions.

YOSHIKI CHANNEL members can watch the entire show.
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